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Monday, November 11, 2013

Atlanta Braves Announce Shocking Move To Cobb Galleria/Cumberland Mall Area

First initial reaction: Holy Shit.

Second reaction: I love it.

I've been an Atlanta Braves fan since my family moved down south from Maryland back in the early 80's.  I used to go to games in the old Fulton County Stadium when there were only a couple of thousand people in attendance.  I've also been to sold out games there in the early 90's and have enjoyed games at the Ted since 1997.  But the game day atmosphere and surrounding area is fucking horrible.  I'm sorry to burst your bubbles fellow Braves fan but it just is.  Go to Camden Yards or Wrigley Field or Fenway Park or Petco Park or St. Louis or Coors Field or even San Francisco.  There is actually stuff to do around the stadium like visit a pub or a store and enjoy the game day atmosphere without fear of being mugged.  Yes even in Baltimore you are less likely to be mugged around Camden Yards than Turner Field.  This is a very smart move by the Braves.

Also since 2004 I've lived over in the Vinings/Smyrna area until recently moving to Alpharetta (two weeks ago).  The Braves will move there in 2017 and there are plenty of amenities, restaurants, and daily activities to do in the Cobb Galleria area instead of just seeing a ball game.  Attendance should go up dramatically not only because it's a new stadium but it's a lot more convenient to get to for people looking to buy season tickets.  Look the commute to the current stadium sucks.  And yes traffic all around metro Atlanta blows but I guarantee you will have a lot more people in attendance from the Kennesaw, Woodstock, Alpharetta, Roswell, East Cobb areas that are so vital to bringing in money for the Braves organization.  It's a business move for sure and it's a smart one.

It will be sort of difficult to say good bye to The Ted especially since it's only 16 years old (opened in 1997).  But there is nothing really unique or homely in regards to it currently.  Camden Yards, Wrigley, Fenway, Petco, etc all have unique features that make it feel like it's a part of history and the community.  The Ted always felt out of place in my opinion.  It was originally built as the Olympic Stadium and converted to the Braves home one year after.  It just never felt like a stadium where you could build fond family memories.  Honestly I was always worried about leaving after dark with my daughter in tote.

Now I just can't wait till 2017 to see the new stadium.  Hopefully the Braves do it up right and make it look like a Camden Yards or a Wrigley Field and not that monstrosity in South Florida. Don't make it bigger than 40K in seats and have plenty of parking around it. You got to have a designated "tailgating area" with grass and tables. Make it warm and inviting and not like a concrete jungle.  The good news if you don't want to tailgate or eat at the new ballpark you can walk from plenty of restaurants such as Cinco's, PF Changs, Hooters, Maggiano's, Stoney River, Tilted Kilt, etc.

 What are your thoughts on the Braves moving out of Atlanta?

For more info on the Braves move into a new stadium in 2017 visit their website HOMEOFTHEBRAVES.COM


Atlsoleskater said...

I feel robbed. I live in the city and am a season ticket holder. I completely understand the business decision and I totally agree with the main point in this article about having things to do surrounding the stadium. I have been to many ballparks as well and turner field is great but the surrounding area is awful. I will be ok if the city creates a direct TRAIN line via MARTA. I have read that that will be the cities decision and is not part of the Braves plan as of now. I used to take pride in being able to be home in 15 minutes door to door from the ted and all was well if I had a couple of beers because I didn't have to drive. Im sure there will be options and I know I will figure something out. I am definitely excited to see how nice it will be and that we will probably host an all star game once its built. Rush hour on 75N will be awful in those 7:10 pm games. But if there is one thing an ATLien can do its to be ok with sitting in traffic. At least its not in gwinnett haha. Oh well.... GO BRAVES!!

Kevin said...

Love the move if it brings in more cash to help the Bravos keep guys like McCann. I live in DC, right by the stadium and it's much more of a committed sports area than the Ted ever would be. Looks like a good move on the surface, though I'd like to see 50K seats...I think the new location would generate more interest.

Matt Fairchild ( said...

It sounds like Cobb Co taxpayers are picking up 55% of the bill on the new stadium. It always amazes me when billionaires can get taxpayers to pay a large portion for their private business.

Matt Fairchild ( said...

I think the new stadium is going to be awesome though. It's in a much better location. Hopefully they can make it intimate with plenty of shade available from the hot Georgia summer sun.