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Monday, December 02, 2013

USC Agrees To Contract With Steve Sarkasian

As a Notre Dame fan it was with much delight to hear USC has come to an agreement with PAC-12 retread Steve Sarkasian to be their new head coach.  Sarkasian had a 34-29 head coaching record at Washington where he took over a program that was in the shitter left by another PAC-12 retread in Tyrone Willingham.  Granted I have no idea if Sarkasian is a great hire or if he will eventually lead the Trojans back to BCS Bowl games but I'm sure as shit happy they didn't get a Chris Peterson, a James Franklin, a Kevin Sumlin, etc.  The only other hire that would have been worse is bringing back Ed Orgeron.

Congratulations USC.  You have hired more mediocrity.  Average on!

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