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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Minnesota Gophers Hot Fans Take Selfies in Stands

I'm so out of the loop these days but I think these three Minnesota Gophers students are taking selfies and/or Vines at the Minnesota/Wisconsin game last night.  Well it's our duty to rank them  Girl on the far left despite the TV graphic trying to block our view is clearly #1.  She just has the "it" factor.  She carries this crew 24/7.  Now the tough part.  Who is #2 and who is relegated to the dreaded #3 spot which isn't necessarily bad with this trio.  Despite the bedazzled phone I got to go with the blonde for #2.  It's the smile in the end.  The cute little smirk just clinches it.  Now we need to find out who these girls are.  There must be Instagram pictures out there.   By the way Minnesota won the game, upsetting #9 Wisconsin 81-68.  They were clearly inspired by these gorgeous Gophers.

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