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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Don Baylor Breaks His Femur Catching Ceremonial First Pitch from Vlad

Mike Trout's face says it all.  Holy shit!  I was watching this live last night and tweeted about it.  I've never seen an injury like this.  Angels' hitting coach Don Baylor broke his fucking femur catching a 1st pitch from another baseball great in Vlad Guerrero.  His leg literally snaps like a twig and forms a pretzel.  At first I thought Baylor was doing his Stanky Leg Dance or maybe he had dead leg like I get when I take a really long shit.  Nope.  Broken femur.  The biggest damn bone in the leg.  Get well Baylor.  We salute you here at SportsCRACK!

PS - Baylor is a boss.  You tell me another person who would just try to walk off a broken femur.  That is Superman shit strength.

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