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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Classic Taiwan Animation of Jameis Winston Free Seafood University Theft

I seriously feel like SportsCenter would be one million times better if they just made all their news stories have Taiwanese animation.  I don't need a reporter on site unless she is in lingerie.  I need animation.  The fucking gigantic Hurricanes crab got me in the end and I almost feel bad for laughing at it.  I mean it's not even funny it's just so fucking stupid you have to laugh.  It's almost as stupid as a Heisman Trophy winning QB stealing crab legs from Publix and pretty much getting away with it.

Speaking of stupid if you haven't ordered one of these Free Seafood University shirts you might as well ride the short bus because your summer is going to suck.  They ship out this week and they're hotter than Jameis Winston's crab infested man nuggets.


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