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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Emily Ratajkowski Has Ben Affleck's Approval after seeing these GQ Photos

Model Emily Ratajkowski brought her A game for GQ.  She probably starved herself for weeks on end eating only lettuce and carrots like a bunny just so she could hit it out of the park in GQ Magazine with this spread...

And now Emily is going to be in a Ben Affleck movie because of how talented of an actress she is.  At least that is what Affleck wants you and his wife to believe as he is boning Emily in his trailer.

LOS ANGELES, June 24 (UPI) –Emily Ratajkowski can thank “Blurred Lines” for her upcoming role in Gone Girl.
The 23-year-old model came to fame after she appeared in the Robin Thicke music video in March 2013. Fans and celebrities alike took notice, and her beauty and self-possession helped make her a breakout star.
Ratajkowski covers the July issue of GQ, and director David Fincher also spoke to the magazine for the article. The model will appear as Andie Hardy in Gone Girl, a writing student and mistress of Ben Affleck’s character Nick Dunne. The director reveals that Ratajkowski in “Blurred Lines” was the first thing he and Affleck thought of when they cast the part.
“I was talking with Ben and what I wanted for the Andie role was someone who could be incredibly divisive among men and women in the audience,” the director says. “We needed somebody where, at the moment she appears, the women are going, ‘That is unreasonable and despicable.’ And you also have the men going, ‘Yes, but…’ And so Ben said, ‘Yeah, like the girl in the ‘Blurred Lines’ video.’”
“She was just incredibly mature,” he lauds. “She wasn’t smitten with being the girl of the moment. She’s no bull[expletive]. If [Dunne's] gonna ruin [his] life on a 21-year-old, they have to be special, and she was.”
"Incredibly mature" is code for Emily has great developed ta-ta's.  Good luck with that Ben.  Bastard.

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iMakeTheMaps said...

So he casts her to be the mistress... of HIS character... that's a Boss move. I'm not much of an Affleck fan, but that's some forward thinking right there.