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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

There isn't a player I hate more in the game than David Ortiz

When ever Big Papi gets popped for steroids will be the day justice was finally served for this egomaniac fraud.  If Ortiz played for any other franchise besides the Red Sox he would be 100% hated.  It would be Barry Bonds-like hatred.  But instead he plays in Boston and everybody in the Northeast (except Yankees fans of course) likes him because he helped lead the Red Sox to 3 World Series titles.  I hate his fucking attitude.  He bitches and moans at his coaches, teammates, and even official scorers if he feels the least bit slighted.  I call him the Black Shrek not just because he's an ugly dude who resembles an ogre but his heart is black too.  He's the biggest phony in the game since A-Rod isn't technically playing right now and his stats along with his shriveled up grapes are 200% PED induced.

By the way if I was the pitcher I would hit him straight in the neck.  He may be big but you know just like everything else about him Big Papi is all talk and would go down fast with one good punch.

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iMakeTheMaps said...

Big Papi is a clown POS. All talk, complete fraud. I hope David Price pops him in the dome next time they play. Let's see what Ortiz is going to do about it after all his big talk last time. For whatever reason baseball has decided to let him roll with the roids, all they need to do is test him randomly and unannounced.