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Monday, June 01, 2015

Atlanta Hawks Reveal New Logos

The new primary Atlanta Hawks logo was revealed today and I gotta say they did a great job.  Pictured above you can see it looks classy and sharp in design.  In other words they didn't fuck it up which is saying something considering they are still technically owned by a bunch of knuckle scrappers.

SportsCrack Official Grade on Primary Logo: A

But then the NBA has some stupid ass bylaw where one of the logos has to have a part of the basketball in it so the Hawks unleashed this fecal matter:

It looks like the Heat logo right?  Maybe since they got swept by Lebron and the Cavs they are trying to do some Jedi mind trick on Lebron with this logo thinking he may start passing the ball to them.

SportsCrack Official Grade on Secondary Logo: F

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