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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Texas Softball Girl's Catcher Loves To Throw Elbows at the Plate

Who knew Texas softball could be so rough?

Look I could understand ignoring the first elbow she threw on the girl crossing home plate.  Maybe it was an accident and she didn't realize she was stepping into the runner.  I could fully rationalize it with how uncoordinated females can be at times whether it's putting makeup on in their car while driving or playing catcher.

But the second time?  Holy fuck I would have lost my shit.  Kudos to the base runner for somewhat remaining calm and not knocking the shit out of the catcher.   I would have walked onto the field, even if it was my own daughter who was the catcher, and pulled her out of the game or confronted the umpires and the opposing coach if it was my daughter's team who was on the receiving end.

But in all seriousness if you are Charlie Strong I think you make a few phone calls and signs this chick up as your new starting linebacker.  It couldn't hurt especially with the hurting the Fighting Irish are going to give them on September 5th.

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