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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Friday Night Light's Vince Howard Pulls a Recruiting Shocker and Commits to Michigan State

As an avid Friday Night Lights fan and of course QB Vince Howard fan I'm straight up shocked he would pick Michigan State.  What happened to Texas forever?  I fully expect Tim Riggins to get shit faced and punch your lights out now that you have gone to the dark side up North.  You can't take your talents to East Lansing for Mark Dantonio.  Granted the Longhorns are a dumpster fire right now with Charlie Strong throwing kerosene haymakers but you could be the next Vince Young and save the program.  You would not only be a folk hero in Dillon, Texas but nationwide.  The only thing I can think of why he's going to Michigan State is because Dantonio hired Coach Taylor to be his special teams coach.  It's the only logical reason.

Clear Eyes.  Full Hearts.  Go Sparty?

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