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Monday, May 16, 2016

Army's Kasey McCravey With The Slide/Not Slide Acrobatic Kung Fu Move of the Year

I believe this is a first in SportsCrack history.  Drum roll please.  Zip up those pants captain.  Yes, we got ourselves a softball post.  Holy shit we just made history.  Women can play sports too!

All sarcasm aside this jump move by Army's Kasey McCravey over the Lehigh catcher has got to be the best non slide ever.  I don't usually get impressed but myself and the other 99.99% of people reading this would have no shot at all jumping over the catcher.  It would be a disaster even trying it.  I'm positive a bone would have come popping out somewhere if I attempted to jump over the catcher. And she didn't even get touched while reaching back with the sneaky tag of home plate!

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