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Monday, October 29, 2007

Finally some other news to talk about other than the Yankees or the Red Sox, who I believe won the World Series last night but I dont' have confirmation yet from ESPN. The Atlanta Braves just traded All-star shortstop Renteria to the Detroit Tigers in exchange for righthanded pitcher Jair Jurrjens and outfielder Gorkys Hernandez. It looks at first glance to be a steal for the Tigers because they pick up a great player in Renteria who can play shortstop and be penciled into the 2 slot. But after close examination it appears the Braves have acquired a centerfielder for the future in Hernandez(20 year old Class A MVP who led the league in stolen bases in his first professional season) and a starter for the back end of the rotation in Jurrjens.

Yunel Escobar will now be the starting shortstop for the Braves after a productive first season with Atlanta filling in for an injured Renteria. Speculation now is the Braves might try to resign Tom Glavine with some more salary room but I think that would be a mistake. Glavine is washed up and didn't want to stay in Atlanta when he signed with the New York Mets in 2003 after spending his first 16 years as a Brave so why would they want him now?

If I was the Braves GM I would look to package a couple of prospects(possibly the two guys they just picked up from the Tigers)along with a reliever and send it to the Baltimore Orioles for lefty Erik Bedard. The Braves were one starter away from being serious contenders last year and with John Smoltz and Tim Hudson on the front end of the rotation adding a guy the calibre of Bedard would make them the favorite in the National League. But then again this is the Orioles and any trade has to go through Peter Angelos. Yeah, I know, fuck that guy.

Any thoughts Sportscrack nation?


Anonymous said...

If the Braves bring back Glavine I'm boycotting their games. He is just as bad as A-rod when it comes to money, attention, and loyalty.

Anonymous said...

bedard needs to go to cincinnati so dusty baker can fuck him up.brrrrrrrrrr it`s cold in texas a.m.

Justin McCarthy said...

Renteria has always been solid, yet expendable. You know he's not a cornerstone of a franchise when he's an all star and teams don't mind letting him walk or trading his but. It'll be interesting to see how he does in an AL city again, because man, he was horrible in Boston.
I say the Braves made a great trade here, and who says they need to trade these guys. Keep developing the farm system. Losing a CF, possibly, in Jones.

Mac G said...

Hold up, you actually think the Orioles would gamble with a big time trade? Lord Peter would never have it or pay Bedard so I am sure the Yanks will sign him in 2 years for 15 mil a year.

Matt Fairchild ( said...

I feel for you Cincy fans, Dusty Baker is another step in the wrong direction.

Justin, I think right now I am looking at the trade to see if it makes the Braves a better team next year. Right now they aren't. Losing a Renteria and replacing him with Escobar is not even. Renteria's defense is light years ahead of Escobar. I think it will be interesting to see who they get or put in CF because now if you look at it they are significantly worse up the middle in defense with Andruw and Renteria gone. Obviously Tori Hunter would be a great replacement for Andruw but I don't think they can afford him.

Mac G, I forgot to take my meds when I wrote about the O's. What an ass backwards franchise Angelos has turned them into. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate that guy?