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Monday, October 29, 2007

I have always thought of Peter Gammons as kind of a kiss up, baseball player ass smooching type of guy. He never asks a ballplayer a tough question(you know, the whole steroid we had no fucking idea type of questions he has refused to ask players) and his predictions in baseball are terrible. This guy once said Bobby Crosby was going to be MVP and Carlos Perez was going to be a perennial All-Star. But despite all his faults we all know that Gammons is a deep down good guy. Yes, he is a Red Sox fan and loves to suck them off as much as possible but shit I would too if they were my favorite team.

With that being said it must take a lot to piss off Gammons because I have never heard him say a bad thing about any player let alone report it. The guy always has a half glass full type of attitude and I can admire that. So you know it took a lot for Alex Rodriguez to piss off Gammons. Here is what Gammons said last night after hearing A-Hole was opting out of his contract...

Damn A-Job, you just got bitch slapped by the nicest reporter in the sports world. Just wait till all the dicks(John Saunders) and idiots(Jay Mariotti)get a hold of you. But what do you care right? You make a bijillion dollars and bang ugly beat up whores while your wife weeps in the corner videotaping. You are just a stand up human being you sad, sad little man.

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Anonymous said...

gammons lets rosenthal fuck him in the ass.the guy`s a tool.