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Friday, October 26, 2007



(pictures courtesy of SECPoon)

We got ass on the line here for the World's Largest Cocktail Party. Who ya got? The current ass line has it in favor of Florida by nine points. Seems like a big spread but I guess that comes with the territory when the Gators have won 15 of the last 17 matchups. We all know about Tim Tebow and how the world revolves around his member in Gainesville and how it hasn't been "violated" supposedly because the kid is more Christian than Kirk Cameron. I know, I call bullshit on that too. And we all know about Matthew Stafford and the pictures in Talladega which inspired a great drinking shirt.

But I want to know what the Sportscrack nation is thinking before I make my bet. So go over to the poll on the upper right corner of this glorious blog and make your pick. We are going to make this bet as a team.


Anonymous said...

I will take the Georgia ass over the Florida ass any day. Something about a girl in a helmet that makes it so hot!

Anonymous said...

2 ass beats 1 ass

Anonymous said...

Thank God for whores.

Mac G said...

I could look at that UGA ass all day long.