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Thursday, March 20, 2008


CRACK!!goes the beer as I open my first of many, many empty souls of Bud Lights. As some of you know I work out of my house and luckily today I don't have to do shit besides take a shit, eat some Quizno's sammies, masturbate(already got that out of the way), and watch endless hours of NCAA hoops action across the nation. If you fuckers didn't get in your brackets in time for the Sportscrack pool well then I'm sorry but really stop emailing me. It's too late you lazy assholes. And if you are in the pool well then prepare yourselves to get kicked in the ass by upsets that make as much sense as a dick mole.

And the updates will come and go as I please as I watch these games all day. Tomorrow I am off with 7 other guys to Las Vegas for a weekend of booze, strippers, midgets, and donkey shows so don't expect too many updates as I will be way too hazy and confused to even think about getting near a stinkin computer.

And anybody who has to work today or tomorrow in a cramped office I feel really, really bad for you. Life is what you make of it so go out and marry a rich broad and live the easy life while you drink and fart in the comforts of your own home that somebody else paid for.

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