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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Actually, I could care less about those flopping fakers over there in Italy but the women love them. And to show off their love for all things Italian in soccer they stalk them at practice and in a bizarre mating ritual they run at them while stripping off their clothes in order to gain the respect of the flopping fakers.

Watch as the predator stalks the prey, ripping their clothes off while hunting...

I'm still hoping shit like this will start happening here in the States. The 7th inning stretch should be a calling for all the beautiful women to rush the field, strip, and try to mate with their favorite athlete. Why wait for after the game when you can show your love and admiration in front of tens of thousands in attendance?

Rumor has it the one streaker in the white bikini is Marianne Puglia, a former Miss Earth Venezuela in 2006 who just instantly became my favorite Miss Earth contestant ever. My manpiece loves all nationalities.

Video HT: WithLeather

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Anonymous said...

Flopping would you feel if you were kicked in the knee with soccer cleets? While there are fakers, they come from every soccer country, not just Italy.