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Friday, June 26, 2009


I got this email today from one of our blog readers. You be the judge, is this real?

Hey Matt, I'm a long time reader of the blog I just wanted to give you a heads up on an interesting recent Internet occurrence. About a year ago Bruce Manley submitted a video into the Gillette Search for the next contest, Bruce was awarded the second best prize which was given by Gillette, the Grand Prize winner was voted on by the fans and some guy won for his beer pong shots, which I'm sure Gillette wasn't too please about. Here is Bruce's entry video:

As you can see Bruce is incredibly accurate at shooting balls behind his back.

Bruce then released a high quality production video:

Bruce also hooked up with a great slam dunker to film an alley oop session:

Ok, so for all that back story but I wanted to get it all in there, so the real story starts with this video:

This video was seen by Shaquille O'Neal, Shaq then proceeded to Twitter a challenge, calling out to Bruce, to a game of horse for $1000

Bruce is now planning on going down to Florida early next week to accept this challenge, the horse game will be filmed and put online, this has viral video popularity written all over it.

Just wanted to give you the FYI if you feel this is news worthy of Sportscrack, I guess it's time to add that Bruce is a personal friend of mine that I have known since we were about 10.

Thanks Matt

Well there you go, you got your wish, it is Sportscrack material. I'm a pretty big cynic when it comes to shit like this especially after seeing how David Blaine and others full the public with video tricks and CG. So I will let the Sportscrack readers chime in. Do you guys think it is real? I'm going on record as saying yes.


Patrick said...

Hey I've known Bruce for a while and seen him play. He's legit man, Shaq better watch out...

Anonymous said...

The man is legit. No question. I played with him once and the ball was going out of bounds at half court, he ran to save it, threw it behind his back, and it went in. From Halfcourt. Behind his back. Mid-game. Running out of bounds. Seriously.