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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


My buddy Chuck is getting married next Saturday (same time as the ND-Boston College game..bastard) and I've been put in charge of finding a tee time for 7-8 guys for next Thursday. Does anybody know of a place around Atlanta that has discount group rates? Hell, I will give the golf course some free advertising for a year on Sportscrack if they can hook us up. The free advertising alone would make up for all the empty beer cans and hooker spit left on the 18th green.

Either send me an email at or put your suggestion below in the comment box. Which ever suggestion is the best gets a free Sportscrack shirt.


notre dame said...

diora baird...all day.

Joe Cusack said...

Any of the Atlanta Golf courses (Bobby Jones, Chastain, etc.) run online specials of that day. Per person it would probabley be about $20 if you do it online, me and my buddies over the summer would start our night of debauchery there and they don't really care how much you fuck shit up.

Matt said...

Looks like she can really handle that club. Wow!!!