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Monday, October 19, 2009


This is essentially how I feel after getting back late last night from Chicago. Everything about my trip to Notre Dame was great except for the final score. We did shots at Knute Rockne's grave site, I got into the player's locker room and I touched the Play Like A Champion Today sign. You can't beat that shit. I met Joe Theismann, Michael Floyd, Golden Tate, Armando Allen, Jimmy Clausen, Rocket Ismail, and a cast of others while partying on what some people consider a dry campus. Trust me, it the furthest thing from a dry campus. I touched the grass on the field, went through the tunnel and was right there when the final pass went incomplete to Duval Kamara because he slipped. The game only reconfirmed what I already knew: the Irish defense stinks but the offense is led by the best quarterback in the nation in Jimmy Clausen and it kept them in the game. I know that the Heisman comes down to wins and losses but anyone who doesn't think Jimmy isn't by far the best QB in the college game today needs to have their head checked. He was pressured all day and took cheap shots from a fast Trojan defense and still had the chance at the end of the game to win it for the double digit underdogs.

The team fought all day and could have called it in when they were down by 20 in the 4th quarter but they didn't. I credit Charlie Weis for calling a great game. Yes, I said it, Charlie's playcalling was brilliant all day. The Trojan defense is that good and they still managed to put a ton of points on the board. The fake field goal was unbelievable. Robby Parris and Golden Tate (is there a more dynamic receiver in the game today?) came up with huge, clutch grabs. One more play and who knows, we might be talking about an Irish victory.

This season has become a mirror image of 2005. Last second losses to a team from Michigan and USC and if they had any form of defense they would easily be undefeated right now. It is what it is. Even with the defense Notre Dame is a top 15 team. They just need to win out starting with Boston College this week to prove it.

And to any of the voters out there who think USC still has a legitimate shot at reaching a BCS Championship game all I can say is NO. A good defense can shut those guys down especially if they don't have a free safety who bites every single time on play action on third and long. USC will lose at least another game.

If only ND had a defense. Fuck. Oh well, there is always next year. If Jimmy and Golden come back the offense is not going to skip a beat and should be even better with the likes of Michael Floyd, Kyle Rudolph, and Armando Allen all back. The recruiting should be excellent with Charlie still in charge. In case you were wondering the only way I want to replace Charlie is if Urban Meyer comes knocking on the door. I don't see it happening. He is too busy blowing Tim Tebow.


Kevin said...

How did you get into the locker room? I have been trying for years to find out how this can be done. Any info please get back to me!

Anonymous said...

he blew fat fuck're fucking delusional thinking you're a top 15 program or that Jimmy the ugliest fuck in CFB is even in the top 10 of qbs...he was not even the best qb on the field being outplayed by a true freshman

steb said...

anonymous: you're obviously a friggin idiot without access to NBC. Watch a game and you'll see that Clausen is the real deal. best completion % among all QBs. Fewer INTs than Colt and against better defensive units. As for comparing him to Tebow, well that's not really a comparison. Tebow isnt a QB, he's more of a fullback who can throw.

and dont think that Barkley is that great just b/c a porous ND defense allowed that monster tight-end to have his way with them. McCoy is the best TE playing right now and makes his QB look like a genius. Hell, my gramma could have made those passes...

Anonymous said...

McCoy hadnt done shit all year until this turned an average TE (for USC, Stud for ND) into a superstar...and you have to throw all those stats out because you guys have played garbage all year...keep scheduling shit games cocksuckers


Never been to a game and have been a fan all my life. Sounds like it was awesome. I was blacked the fuck out by the time it was over. Thankfully.

Go Irish; beat Fredo!

steb said...

McCoy is 5th on Rivals' list of the nation's best TEs. I am sure they are more of an authority than you or I.

And while this year's ND schedule is a bit softer than usual, its not exactly a walk in the park. Its not like we play the cupcakes that Florida and Texas play.

Go drink some more Hater-aide.

Matt Fairchild ( said...

Actually right now ND's schedule is ranked better than Florida, Alabama, and Texas. This will change when they play Washington State this Saturday but for those idiots who still think ND's schedule is incredibly weak this year need to start looking at facts.