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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I think it is pretty much obvious that Mariano Rivera was doctoring the ball yesterday against the California Angels. I haven't seen that much saliva since watching a Jenna Jameson girl-on-girl sequence. It should be amusing to see how the New York media treats this "cheating" since they tore apart A-Roids for his drug use. The Angels wound up winning yesterday from what I have heard. Don't ask me for any insight because I've been paying as much attention to the MLB Playoffs as the Balloon Boy coverage. I just read the Phillies won too. Wow. I. Am. So. Excited. A Yankees vs. Phillies matchup in the Fall Classic will be so epic nobody outside of those two miserable fan bases will watch it.

Just curious, but do any of you find what Mo Rivera did to be cheating? To me it's like rubbing the ball in the dirt.


gabriel said...

They have the spit still-framed on MLB network not hitting the ball at closed. Mo throws basically one pitch that usually goes to one spot. A spit ball usually is all over the place when it comes to spot locations. If Mo,(the greatest closer in MLB)had been spitting on his balls to increase movement throughout the years, we probably would have seen it by now given his over exposure on the camera.

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