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Monday, November 09, 2009


2 home losses to Navy the last 3 years will get you canned. I have officially ran out of excuses for Charlie Weis. I've always been a fan of the "give coaches five years to turn around a program" but it's clear as day that Notre Dame Football is just as mediocre as the day Weis took over for Ty Willingham.

From now on ND's athletic director Jack Swarbrick better be burning up the phone lines looking for replacements as soon as the Stanford games final whistle blows. Personally I think the best man for the job is Urban Meyer. Do I think it is realistic to get him? No, not really. He has a great job right now at Florida and will probably win his 3rd National Title in 4 years thus turning the Gators into a dynasty. Why would he want to leave? He wouldn't. So if you can't get the best you have to settle for one of the rest. Any of these coaches would be better than Charlie Weis: Gary Patterson (TCU head coach), Brian Kelly (Cincinnati head coach), Jon Gruden (Super Bowl winning HEAD coach and current MNF announcer), Mark Richt (yes, I said it, he would be a great representative for ND and he can recruit), or Paul Johnson (Georgia Tech head coach).

I've always wanted Weis to succeed because I think he is a good man and I know he busts his ass 24/7 to make Notre Dame football competitive. It's just simply not working. When you have elite Heisman caliber players on your roster (Jimmy Clausen, Golden Tate, and Michael Floyd) and you are still struggling to put points on the board against teams like Navy then you are what you are: over your head. A coach is always measured with wins or losses whether it is right or wrong. And right now the Fighting Irish are 16-20 in their last 3 seasons. Absolutely pathetic. Thanks for the memories Charlie. It's time to bring in a proven winner. Finally.


Sean C said...

I agree with you 100%. I was one of Charlie's biggest defenders over the past 5 years and it has gotten me into some serious fights with friends and even family. But this was the last straw. We are ND we do not lose to Navy 2 times in 3 years. We gave him a shot and hey it didn't work out, nothing personal thats business. But its time to save the fan base. This season I have seen the old school fans cry, people refuse to go back to south bend until Charlie is gone, and I can only imagine the people who have rolled over in their graves. Being out at the BC game I see the fan base is slipping and the energy is slowly fading. It's time for a change and we as the die-hards have to push that change. Get out there and let ND know Charlie has to go e-mail jack or his assistant or anyone in that athletic department. Join the fire Charlie groups on facebook. Save this team before it is too late. Also I think a fire Charlie shirt needs to be made!


Tommy Tuberville is someone that needs to be in the mix.

Paul Johnson would be a fuckin' godsend, though. I'd rather have him over UMeyer any day. Johnson is tough as nails and doesn't take any shit. And he runs the triple option. It may take a Navy man at the helm for us to beat Navy again...

Anonymous said...

Finally some sense is made on this blog