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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Boise State hung on to beat TCU last night 17-10 to cap an undefeated season once again but the real excitement came from FOX showing us the crowd/band/cheerleaders for 75% of the broadcast. Because without their constant coverage of everything off the field we wouldn't see the bandgirl going ape shit on this cowbell. Whoa girl, calm down, the enthusiasm is just electric when you hit that cowbell.

I hate FOX's coverage of college football because they insist we should actually care what the fans in attendance think about the game. Stop fucking showing them every 15 seconds Mr. Director. I don't care what the fat Boise State fan thinks about what is going on the field. We missed a fumble recovery by TCU's All-American Jerry Hughes because of this garbage. If you are going to show the crowd then by all means keep the camera fixated on the TCU cheerleaders. Guys want to see them. Not fat girls looking concerned.

Image HT: Deadspin


Anonymous said...

I think the chick is blind

Anonymous said...

she is... i think and others updated their similar blogs.