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Thursday, June 10, 2010


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The LATimes is reporting that the NCAA will hand the USC Trojans a 2 year bowl ban and a reduction of 20 scholarships. Ahhhh....what sweet justice it is....

A two-year bowl ban and a loss of more than 20 football scholarships are among the sanctions that the NCAA has dealt USC, a source with knowledge of the situation said Wednesday.

The NCAA, the governing body for collegiate sports, informed USC of its decision after a four-year investigation regarding allegations centered on former football player Reggie Bush and former basketball player O.J. Mayo. The NCAA could make its decision public as early as today.

It took almost 4 years but it looks like the NCAA woke up and did the right thing. Listen I get it that a lot of major football programs bend the rules and have "excessive practice time" and "players get paid on the side" and most of these "student" athletes don't in fact go to class or even take their tests. But the way USC just blatantly told the NCAA to F off for all these years in regards to the obvious infractions caused by the Bush and Mayo cases and then to go out and hire a snake like Lane Kiffin makes everything they got worth it in my opinion.

Now all the players on the team can transfer without penalty of sitting out a year because of the infractions. You hear me Seantrel Henderson and Kyle Prater. These 5 star athletes can transfer almost immediately from my understanding and can play next season under NCAA rules. Notre Dame, UCLA, and Cal could always use an extra tackle or wide receiver. I'm just saying guys you might want to take a look.

Only if you want to take a pay cut. Consider it pro bono work and getting an actual education before you go to the NFL.



where the fuck is your story on ur fucking degenerate drunk golden tate? No one is going to transfer to your garbage program faget, at least usc has a reason why they arent going to be in a bowl game why as if they went to notre dame theyd just lose to many games...i hope the lawsuit sends you into bk personally so that this hitleresque notre dame rhetoric blog comes down
fuck yourself,

mojoerizen said...

You forgot to mention Pete Carroll gave permission for Golden Tate to grab some donuts. Just like he looked the other way when Reggie was collecting 100's of thousands of dollars in pay and gifts while playing for your beloved Trojans. I'm guessing you are the same guy who signed anonymous last year because you were too much of a gina to man up.

Hey, I'd admit ND has sucked balls for the most part the past 15 years. But at least they don't "Cheat On!" to get there and graduate their players.

With all my love,


McPeters said...

Wow... anonymous eh... that guy has balls! Don't you just love "anonymous" posts?!?!

German Paul said...

So that means that ND won against SC in 2004, right? Congrats to Coach Willingham. Maybe Charlie can get a victory for the '05 "Bush Push." Sanctions for SC. What a great day!