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Friday, July 09, 2010


MLBTradeRumors is reporting that the New York Yankees are closing on a deal to acquire starting pitcher Cliff Lee from the Seattle Mariners for highly regarded and probably extremely overrated catching prospect Jesus Montero, second baseman David Adams, and lefty starter Zach McAllister.


The Yankees are getting away with murder here. Cliff Lee is one of the 5 best starters in the majors and is money come playoff time. Adding Lee to a rotation that already includes former Indians teammate C.C. Sabathia, Andy Pettitte, Phil Hughes, and AJ Burnett is just plain sickening. No team should be able to have much less afford all five of those starters in their rotation. In case you wondering, this move pretty much solidifies the Yankees as the odds on favorite to win the World Series this year.

I don't know what the Mariners are thinking with this move. Lee is a free agent after this season and yes they will lose him to someone else this offseason but they should be able to get more for him. He will be a Type A free agent which means you get two conditional first round draft picks if he signs elsewhere. This means you can get as good of prospects as Montero and Adams in the draft without handing over Lee on a silver platter for the pinstripes. The Twins apparently are willing to part with better prospects in OF Aaron Hicks, catcher Wilson Ramos, and another yet unnamed prospect. Why not make that deal?

With the acquisition of Lee this means the Yankees will look to trade starter Javier Vasquez to another contender. Vasquez has put up solid numbers everywhere he has played except in New York during his two stints there. With the way shit works in these trades don't be surprised if they trade him to Tampa for Longoria and Crawford.

Anywho, the Yankees got better again today because they can take on a $200 million plus payroll with the Lee trade. Good for them. Bad for baseball.

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