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Friday, July 09, 2010


Iowa defensive end and the awesomely named Broderick Binns was arrested last night in one of those mighty Midwest cornfields for DUI. Binns is only two weeks shy of his 21st which means he can drive drunk plenty of times without fear of being caught with a fake ID. It's the little things that count.

This is now the third alcohol-related incident in just over a month for the Hawkeyes football program. Moderation means nothing to these boys...

Binns’ arrest is the third alcohol-related infraction in just more than a month involving Hawkeye football players.

Sophomore running back Jewel Hampton and junior cornerback Jordan Morris-Bernstine were charged with public intoxication in early June. Hampton, 20, also was cited for being in a licensed liquor establishment after hours, in violation of Iowa City’s new 21-only ordinance that took effect June 1.

Binns is a starter and will still be the starter in 2010 once he receives some community service. He reportedly blew a .097 which in alcoholic terms equates to rookie free agent status. I could blow that farting in other words.

Even with the arrest the Hawkeyes are still my preseason favorite to knock off the Buckeyes. You know why? Because of the other defensive end on the opposite side of Binns. ADRIAN FUCKING CLAYBORN.

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Irish Paul said...

Only 3 arrests? What else is there to do in Iowa?