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Thursday, July 01, 2010


University of Georgia Athletic Director Damon Evans (met him twice, seemed like a great guy you could hang out with in a bar and get a drink or ten with) was busted last night for DUI in Atlanta according to the AJC...

A Georgia State Patrol trooper pulled over Evans, in his 2009 BMW, shortly before midnight at Roswell Road and Chastain Drive.

"The trooper made the traffic stop after observing the manner he was driving," said Gordy Wright, the state patrol spokesman. "He got him stopped, detected an odor of alcohol, administered field sobriety tests and determined he was less safe to be driving."

The trooper arrested him on charges of DUI and failure to maintain his lane, and took him to the Atlanta city jail. Evans refused to take a breath test, Wright said.

I'm not here to get all high and mighty in regards to Evans. I'm far from a saint when it comes to the "had one too many" before getting behind the wheel. Evans obviously fucked up and it makes him look like an idiot with his video from last year telling Georgia students and fans not to drink and drive. The guy will probably be fired because the school will be forced to make him an example of what you don't want your athletic director to do while away from his job. It's unfortunate too because Evans has done a tremendous job within the program since he took over in 2004. And guess what's ironic about today for Evans? He is due to get a $110,000 raise on a new contract effective starting today, July 1st. OUCH.

UGA President Michael Adams had this money quote in regards to Evans:
“I think he’s done an extraordinary job. … And there’s not been a whiff of impropriety during that six-year period. If you’re the president of an institution, that means a whole lot.”

There has now been a "whiff" of strong booze. Judging from his mugshot Evans looks like a Captain Morgans fan to me. You can't tell from the picture because it's cropped out but I've been told he had his right leg up with his arms bent to touch his hips. Look on the bright side, he can start pitching their product to all the UGA students and prospective students. "Get a little Captain in ya Dawg!"

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McPeters said...

Just when UGA started putting things together... I wonder if they'll hire Dooley back and get rid of Michael Adams too?!?! I guess I can always hope...