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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


No wonder USC has dominated Notre Dame for the past decade. The whole time they had a fucking Trojan lackey in the booth covering the Fighting Irish for NBC. Bill Dwyre of the LA Times is reporting that former NBC announcer and former USC quarterback Pat Haden will replace the controversial Mike Garrett as athletic director starting August 3rd. A formal announcement is expected later from new president Max Nikias.

Well it's about fucking time. Garrett has been running a loose ship and if anybody can bring some respectability back to USC then it's none other than Mr. Combover himself. Listen, I don't have a problem with Haden as a person. I've met him on the Notre Dame campus a few times. Nice guy and very personable and talkative. The guy is a Rhodes Scholar. He has brains. But I have no idea why he was ever hired to do commentary for Notre Dame football games. He has been on USC's board of trustees for years and he helped lead the Trojans to a come from behind 55-24 victory over Notre Dame in 1974 (despite ND having a 24-0 lead at one point).

Why Notre Dame and NBC ever let him do the commentary will always puzzle me. It would be like Steve Spurrier doing commentary for all the Georgia Bulldogs games. It would be fucking bizarre right?

Anyways good luck to Haden and dealing with the brat Lane Kiffin. I give Kiffin 3-4 years max in Los Angeles. The NCAA is coming down hard on renegade players and the programs who let them run wild. Now that Haden is gone maybe NBC can hire O.J. Simpson to do commentary. Oh wait. Never mind.

Actually they should go ahead and fire Tom Hammond while they are at it. Get somebody with some excitement in there. I'm thinking Gus Johnson would be perfect. Check it out...

Picture via LA Times

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McPeters said...

Well let's be honest, it's more like Derek Dooley coaching Tennessee, which is actually happening... Spurrier working for UGA would be a lot more hostile than Haden calling Notre Dame games. Just curious, when's the last time NBC did something that really made sense in relation to sports anyway?!?!?