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Thursday, July 08, 2010


Take a deep breath. We are less than two months away from college football kicking off. Let it kick in. Stretch a little bit if you have to. Do some yoga. I won't tell. Praise the lord. No more bull shit talk about the NBA. I feel like I should apologize for even bringing up the whole free agency deal with you know who. We are going back to our bread and butter. It's what made the coolest website for people who don't want to work. That is right folks. We are going full force COLLEGE FUCKING FOOTBALL for at least the next 6 months. Sure we will sprinkle in some NFL, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc. to wet your nose but we all know the drug of choice is college football here. We got some previews of the upcoming season in the works and of course we have a ton of new t-shirts* just around the corner for all the fans out there (except USC, fuck em).

I figured I would start off the preseason talk with a video of West Virginia RB Noel Devine. He is one of the most exciting players in the college game and he has a good chance of carrying the Mountaineers to a BCS bowl game. Not that anybody really gives a shit outside the state lines. But nevertheless he deserves this video. The little smurf is like Neo. He doesn't see defenders. He just sees code.

*- 100% guaranteed to get you laid.

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