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Monday, August 02, 2010


Notre Dame linebacker Steve Filer has way too much athleticism to be sitting on the sideline this season. With Jon Tenuta gone I expect to see a lot of Filer crushing skulls on the football field this fall. I'm thinking you put him in on goal line and short yard situations and let him do his Lavar Arrington. You remember this right?

Oh and by the way Notre Dame is going to have some sick linebackers this season. Between Manti Te'o, Anthony McDonald, Brian Smith, Filer, Darius Fleming, Kerry Neal, and Carlo Calabrese among others I wouldn't be shocked to see at least 30 sacks from this group. They need a nickname. Any suggestions?


Irish Paul said...

Let's see if the defense plays a bit better than last year's before anointing these guys with a nickname. I'll start thinking of some because I want to stay positive.

Solera said...

C'mon man, at least use a ND video for reference.

Matt Fairchild ( said...

Thanks for the video Solera..I forgot about that Tatum hit.

Irish Paul said...

I'm stealing this one from the Saints of the late 80's, but call them the Dome Patrol.