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Monday, August 02, 2010


The above image of Damon Evans comes from the whom I'm pretty sure deserve an Academy Award, a Grammy, and a Nobel Peace Prize for one of the funniest fucking photoshops I have ever seen. I have been literally crying in laughter just staring at the panties on his head. Anyways thanks to Damon Evans losing his Athletic Director job to an unfortunate DUI a month ago Georgia has now gone up from #4 party school in the nation to #1 this year according to the Princeton Review. This honor definitely deserves a shirt. Come on Bulldog fans. Send me some ideas. So far I have come up with these:

-Party Like A Bulldog Today

-Party Like Damon Evans Today

-Drink Em!

-Athens: Beer Me Capital

I know they suck so please help me help you. You can email me your idea to Whoever has the best idea gets $100 cold hard cash and some red panties.

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Brubakersback said...

Looks like UGA ain't the only one humpin' in Athens!