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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


In case you were hunkering down Georgia fans on the fat 8 1/2 point dogs that UGA was facing on Saturday against Auburn you can now save your money since Las Vegas has removed the line and the game. According to Jeff Schultz with the Vegas has now dropped the game because of the Cam Newton effect.

I received this text message from Todd Fuhrmann, the sportsbook analyst at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas: “Rumors running rampant and swirling about Cam Newton’s status. He appears to be a game time decision now and no player would move the number more.”

Now with the revelations that Cecil and Cam Newton both talked to Mississippi State recruiters about a pay-for-play in telephone conversations. If this is true then they are both fucking morons. It's still seems ironic that these phone conversations were reported back in January to the SEC conference officials and yet we are only hearing about it now. Basically if Cam Newton was a second string QB on Auburn this story would have never come out. Anyways with Newton on the verge of possibly being held out or being declared ineligible Vegas has taken the proactive response and just taken the game off. Without Cam I don't think they beat Georgia. It's as simple as that.

* picture is for point spread purposes.

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