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Tuesday, November 09, 2010


“Obviously, it’s a joke. I don’t know anything about anything. I heard they’ve got me meeting with the agent and all that. I never met with anybody. It’s ridiculous.”

Oh Urban, you sly snake. You don't know anything just like Mark McGwire had no clue what sticking needles in his ass would do for him. I've always known Urban has been a great college football coach but I just never fully realized what a piece of shit he is. This guy will do anything to gain advantage on Saturday including throwing one of his former players under the bus with some academic bull shit. I hope recruits and their parents take notice of the tactics Urban Meyer uses. Threaten to kill your girlfriend it's all good and you can come back and play against Georgia. Transfer to a rival SEC school like Cam Newton and you should expect some serious mud slinging in the media from Urban.

Seriously, what a piece of shit. I want to see Auburn vs. Florida in the SEC Championship. This has to happen.

Oh and by the way I know Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen is behind this too. Guess where he got his info people? His good old buddy who's last name just happens to rhyme with LIAR.

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