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Thursday, December 09, 2010


Don't worry Red Sox fans. Your long postseason void of one whole season will all be forgotten in 2011. Red Sox Nation no longer has to suffer the plight of being labeled "3rd place" in the best division in baseball. Yes, they have agreed in principle to sign the biggest free agent on the market in LF Carl Crawford.

7 years. $142 million. What recession?

In the past 5 days the Red Sox have added All-Star first baseman Adrian Gonzalez and now Crawford. It's actually quite fucking sick how nasty their lineup is going to be minus Salty at catcher and JD Drew in right. Sure they are heavy left handed but who is going to beat them? Old man Yankees? Nah. The depleted Tampa Bay Rays who lose all their stars to free agency? Nah. The Toronto Blue Jays? Get the fuck out of here. The Baltimore Orioles? Sure they have added Mark Reynolds and JJ Hardy but they can't hang with Boston.

This is how baseball works. The teams with the most revenue get the best players. There is no salary cap because Bud Selig is too busy lining his pockets with TV revenue. The Yankees will surely sign Cliff Lee now. They have to now that the Red Sox got a heavy hitting lefty lineup.

I don't blame the Red Sox for dishing out all the cash to sign Crawford. Shit I would. Crawford is a bona fide superstar in my book. Great player. Great teammate. Hustles. Boston will love him. It's just kind of sickening when you know teams like the Red Sox and the Yankees have built in advantages that other teams don't.

Congratulations go out to your 2011 American League East Champion Boston Red Sox.

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