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Thursday, January 06, 2011


Two scenarios not many people expected happened today as reports are Andrew Luck has decided to stay for his senior season and skip the NFL Draft as the sure fire #1 pick and Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh will go to the Miami Dolphins.EDIT: NOT GOING TO THE DOLPHINS NOW!
First I got to applaud the Luck decision. Right now on paper it looks sort of dumb to pass up all those millions the Carolina Panthers were going to give him as the #1 pick (probably guaranteed at least $30 million in signing bonus alone) but the kid obviously enjoys playing football at Stanford and has a legitimate shot of not only earning a degree before he goes pro but also a chance to compete for a National Title and enjoy his senior season with his teammates. Plus as an Atlanta Falcon's fan I would much rather go against Jimmy Clausen twice a year than Luck.

"I am committed to earning my degree in architectural design from Stanford University and am on track to accomplish this at the completion of the spring quarter of 2012," Luck said in a statement. The school announced that Luck wouldn't be made available for comment.

His father, former NFL quarterback Oliver Luck, said: "This is a win-win for him. He gets to spend another year at Stanford, be part of team that will be highly ranked again next year, finish his degree and enjoy Palo Alto.

"It's not like the NFL is going anywhere, it's one of the best run leagues in the world. It will still be there when he graduates."

I know Luck is going to get a lot of shit from the blogs and forums but I think he made a great decision. He wants to win at Stanford and earn his degree and like his dad said the millions will always be there. A lot of people think he is the best QB prospect since Peyton Manning. Manning came back his senior season and still was the #1 pick and people tend to forget Sam Bradford came back to Oklahoma last year, got hurt, and still went #1. Don't bring up Jake Locker and Matt Leinart or even Brady Quinn. None of those guys have near the talent of Luck. Luck will still be the #1 pick in 2012.

As for Harbaugh I'm ecstatic he is leaving to go to the Miami Dolphins as a Notre Dame fan. Not only is he leaving Stanford who put an absolute hurting on the Fighting Irish this year but my fear of him possibly going back to his alma mater will never materialize and Michigan will still suck balls. Win/win for all Notre Dame fans today with the Harbaugh decision. Part of me will miss Harbaugh in the college game. The guy is a winner and as much as I detest all things Michigan I have a lot of respect for the way he revitalized the Stanford football program. They won 1 game before he got there. This year they only lost 1 game to Oregon. Pretty remarkable coach if you ask me.

Last year I got to watch up close and in person Luck outplay Clausen in a classic battle that came down to the wire in late November in Palo Alto. It was the end of the Weis era (thank God) and if it wasn't for Luck along with Toby Gerhart Notre Dame might still be stuck with Charlie. Instead the Irish have Brian Kelly and now Florida is stuck with Weis. Fantastic. Next year will be a battle to see if Notre Dame can make it to a BCS Bowl game and if Stanford can possibly stay undefeated and play for a National Title along with Luck trying to win the Heisman when they meet again in late November.

And yes I will be there. I already can't wait for fall 2011.


McPeters said...

Harbaugh is not going to the Dolphins... just FYI. He's interviewing with the Broncos.

Matt Fairchild ( said...

Ok time for an EDIT. Jim Harbaugh not to the Dolphins.