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Thursday, January 06, 2011

"A Sweet Dream or a Beautiful Nightmare"

Image Courtesy of the Athens Banner Herald

After a suffering the worst season under Mark Richt, UGA fans are beginning to lose hope on the future. While the in-state talent in Georgia has been billed as a "Dream Team" by UGA coaches, the talent is not picking UGA and turning the idea of a "Dream Team" into nothing less than a nightmare. At the Under Armor All-American game, Xavier Dickson started the night by picking Alabama and Quan Bray ended the night by selecting Auburn. While I was praying for a surprise saving grace from Jay Rome, the nation's #1 Tight End was informed it was too late to make his college choice during the game.

As a loyal Dawg fan, I'm torn. While I don't believe there is a coach who would A) accept a position at UGA and B) do a better job than Richt currently out there, like a lot of UGA faithful, I'm beginning to doubt Richt can right the ship. It's been proven that UGA has been declining for the last three years. While I think Aaron Murray is a legitimate big time QB, I'm not sure the coaches have the ability to coach up the massive amount of talent UGA has around him. I'm going to ignore the comments regarding the talent not being at UGA because I can guarantee that three separate scouting bureaus combined with a program as tradition rich as UGA, who by the way does put players in the NFL more than most college teams, aren't wrong in saying that UGA does have the talent. What I'm beginning to doubt is that UGA has the staff in place to get the potential out of it's talented roster.

For the last few years, UGA has lacked the discipline and the heart that was ingrained in our program. The leadership of David Pollack, David Greene, DJ Shockley, Greg Blue, Thomas Davis, Champ Bailey, Boss Bailey, and Rennie Curran have yet to be replaced. Granted, Matt Stafford was the #1 pick in the draft ,but he never showed the team mentality that the Dawgs who have graced Sanford Stadium in the last ten years have shown. What UGA needs is players who bleed Red and Black, who show up each and every week, who commit themselves to becoming leaders, who have the desire to bust their butts every single day to make the team better, the integrity to honor the traditions of UGA and to represent the family that they have become a part of. UGA needs coaches who love UGA as much as the fans. The Bulldawg Nation needs leaders who don't just love Georgia, they live Georgia, they breath Georgia, they are Georgia.

Todd Grantham is becoming that, Aaron Murray is becoming that, Christian LeMay is becoming that, the Ogletree twins are becoming that, Jarvis Jones is becoming that, AJ Green is living it, Justin Houston is living it, the team has come together and as much as it pains me to say it, I think we're going to see a whole new Dawg next year.

I'm praying that Greg McGarity makes a difference. He was a superstar in waiting at Florida and is being given his shot to over take the Gators on top of the SEC Eastern Division. He's saying the right things, he's giving Richt every chance to win. I believe in McGarity and I believe in UGA.

Dawg Nation, I challenge you to unite, to stand up again, as one. I implore you to stand behind the decisions McGarity makes and to show up, just like we ask our boys in the Silver Britches to do. I ask you to believe in the Red and Black. Georgia is more than an institution, it's our home. Instead of continuing to tear it down, we have to learn to build it up, to help UGA get back on track and back where we belong. UGA may be down, but the Dawgs aren't dead.

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Well at least you aren't as bad as Vandy. Well, not yet.