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Monday, January 10, 2011


That dickturd you see on the right handing Nick Saban the Sears Trophy is BCS executive director Bill Hancock. He's the asshole who would rather us keep watching the garbage bowl system they have lined up right now then go to a playoff. In fact he thinks the whole system would go back to the archaic version used before the BCS existed before a playoff is even considered.

"There is no groundswell among the presidents for any kind of ... seismic change," Hancock said.

A return to the old postseason system, which relied on conference tie-ins and bowl organizers to make bowl matchups, isn't likely, Hancock said, but it will be in the "spectrum of options."

"It always has been, it always will be," he said. "I don't think it will carry the day."

But an 8- or 16-team playoff is "not even in the spectrum," he added.

Last month at a college athletics forum in New York, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany said supporters of the BCS were fatigued with defending the system from constant legal and political pressures.

Hancock said it has not been easy to fend off all the attacks from playoff supporters.

"I think we all get a little tired of the invective," he said.

Listen Hancock, here is some fucking invective for you. It has been over a month since Oregon and Auburn played a down of football. They both had great regular seasons and instead of seeing them duke it out in a playoff and give a team like TCU a fighter's chance to shock the world we still get these bogus bowl games. Don't get me wrong. I'm still going to watch tonight. But tonight's game should be so much bigger than what it is. There should be this huge build up of momentum to college football's pinnacle game of the season but instead we have to listen to weeks of bullshit. The current system isn't even fair for Auburn or Oregon. The layoff is going to take a few series for them to shake the cobwebs off.

I just don't see how every other sport can have a playoff system yet we have these old white dickheads with corporate sponsors lining their pockets not willing to make a change. These are probably the same people who think it's ludicrous for a woman to leave the kitchen or the bedroom. "It would never work!" is what Hancock would say. There needs to be an antitrust lawsuit or dare I say the government needs to get involved because these assholes like Hancock are making too much money to change anything. The guy probably still has slaves on his plantation. Oh my bad, not slaves just "student-athletes" who can't even sell their own shit without getting crucified.

Ok, rant over. Go fuck yourself Hancock. We want playoffs. Not payoffs.

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