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Monday, January 10, 2011

Scam Newton and the Quack Attack

AP Photo
Sounds like a Ducktales movie huh? Tonight's game is supposed to be close. Two high powered offenses facing off. Unfortunately for Oregon, there's no rich uncle to bail them out. If you're a Pac-10 fan, shut up. No offense, but Cam Newton is bigger than your defensive front and faster than your safeties. It's going to take more than Nike Combat Gear to slow him down, just ask South Carolina. Yes, I know your offense is better than South Carolina's, but Auburn's defense is slack this year, and still better than the All-Pac-10 2010 team. You may have hundreds of uniform combinations and a slick play calling system, but jazz hands aren't going to win you this one. This is not the year that the SEC will forgo their dominance. I may be a UGA fan, but I'm going to have to pick our red-headed step brothers at Auburn to win this one. Sorry Oregon, you're coming up lame in this game.

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