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Monday, January 03, 2011


As if the Big Ten wasn't a big enough disgrace after New Year's Day (Michigan and Michigan State got absolutely smoked, Wisconsin losing to TCU in the Rose Bowl, Penn State looking slow and old versus Florida) now we have the she said/she said battle of barbs from Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor and former Buckeye and current ESPN College Football commentator Kirk Herbstreit.

Herbie was upfront about his thoughts on Pryor. He doesn't think he is a leader and has shown poor judgement ever since he stepped foot in Columbus. He basically said losing Pryor would be "addition by subtraction." Of course the Buckeyes won't be losing Pryor for the Sugar Bowl because they would get embarrassed on National TV versus another SEC team in Arkansas. They still might get embarrassed.

Pryor was asked about what he thought of the comments made by Herbie.

"I don't worry about what Kirk Herbstreit says, to be honest with you."

After a pause, he added, "Has he beat Michigan?"

Zing! Yes Herbie went 0-4-1 vs. Michigan and Pryor is undefeated vs. Michigan. But Michigan didn't have RichRod as their coach in the late 80's. In fact they were a competent powerhouse so to speak. Now they just get blown out 52-14 in bowl games to the likes of Mississippi State.

Listen I have no dog in this battle of words. But both of these guys are obviously embarrassed by their words. They need to just confront each other and hug it out like all Buckeyes do.

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