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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Arbitration is a fair process

Whoever thought that must be crazy. Take the latest example of a player winning an arbitration hearing. Ross Ohlendorf had a spectacular 1 win and 11 loss season, yet won an arbitration hearing against the Pirates to get a raise from $439k to $2.025 million. That's just comical. What makes it more interesting is the Ohlendorf sports a career 4.40 ERA with 13 wins compared to 25 losses. I'm not sure what kind of person Ohlendorf is and he may be a saint, but when does that type of resume support an annual salary of $2.025 million?

It's not like the Pirates aren't hurting as a franchise as is. I have a wonderful idea, someone take "Big Ben's salary and give it to the Pirates to help build a team and bring some sort of winning back to the Pirates. Pittsburgh is in desperate need of some good news right now and this has to feel like someone is throwing knives at the Pirates as they are spinning on a wheel like a cheap carnival act. I understand taking care of players, but receiving over a $1 million for a 1 win season is ludicrous. Maybe I should head up the arbitration committee and the NCAA hearings process.

Thanks to ESPN and the AP for reporting this craziness!

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