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Thursday, February 10, 2011


For all intended purposes Villanova should have won at Rutgers last night. Watch the last two minutes of the game and you tell me how in the holy hell did Rutgers pull this out?

For some of the gamblers out there who had Nova on the moneyline last night you got royally fucked. I'm one of them. There is no fucking way you can blow a 5 point lead with less than 12 seconds left on the clock without there being some kind of fix in. Now whether it was set up by the Nova players or the referees I can't definitively answer. It could be both. First off Nova starts turning over the ball. A lot. Second off how was the last second three-pointer a foul? Did he fart on him or something because the Nova defender sure as hell didn't touch him. I've looked at the replay about 10 times and I can't see any contact. This makes me think the men in stripes had money on Rutgers. The line was -8 in favor of Nova so it couldn't have meant the refs had dough on the line. But if you had money on the moneyline for Rutgers to straight out win it paid over 7-to-1. Yep. The refs wanted Rutgers to win. This game has Tim Donaghy shit stains all over it.

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