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Thursday, February 03, 2011


This is the first time I have heard new Michigan head coach Brady Hoke speak and it gives me even more confidence to say Michigan is going to be mediocre for a while. Not only does he sound like my drunk 5th grade PE teacher but he says they are going to concentrate their recruiting in hotbeds such as Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Western PA. This is great news for Notre Dame and Ohio State followers because those states don't exactly produce the best college football talent. All though I will say the state of Ohio does usually produce some good talent but this past recruiting cycle it was down. The southeast, Texas, and California are where you usually find the elite talent but whatever, you just go ahead and recruit the Midwest with a passion Brady.

On to the awkward part: Rich Rodriguez interviewing the guy he was replaced with. Rodriguez handles himself pretty well all things considered. He does have that defeatist look on his face like he just found out his wife had been banging his best friend. As much shit as I gave Rodriguez when he was at Michigan I still think he is a good college football head coach in the right situation. Ann Arbor clearly was never the right one. Everyone knew this from the beginning except the Michigan AD. I wouldn't be shocked to see him in a place like Clemson or even North Carolina next year if those programs decide to make a change. My suggestion for DickRod at his next coaching stop would be to find a great defensive coordinator. And also don't cry or sing in front of your players.

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