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Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm bacccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk

What's up everyone? Don't say it, I already know you missed me. I guess the depression that sets in between football and baseball is real. I've been in a hole the last couple of months and finally found a way out with spring training and spring football.

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First things first, there is a current NFL lockout. Who cares?!?! All this talk of labor disputes is killing me. Owners make a ton of money, players make a ton of money, someone figure out how to best share that money and move on. Football needs the American public more than the American public needs football. Someone somewhere has to understand that athletes and owners make money off of fans. Without the public, there is no salary, period. Do what's right by the consumers who "buy the product that is the NFL". A mediator makes sense, now listen to the mediator.

Let's talk spring baseball...
The Braves look good, period. I plan on having a further breakdown of the Minor/Beachy decision later, but how could you go wrong? The Braves pitching staff, inclusive of the bullpen, is the best in baseball. I know about the Phillies, the Giants, the Red Sox, and I simply don't care. I'll take Hudson, Hanson, Lowe, Jurrjens (healthy), and a combo of Minor/Beachy/Teheran/Delgado/Vizcaino (get the point?) as my starting rotation as quickly as I'd take anyone. Combine that with a bullpen that looks downright scary with Venters, Moylan, and Kimbrel and it's going to be a hell of a season.

The revamped offense, with Freddie "The Jackalope" Freeman, a full year of Heyward healthy, McClouth playing like, well Nate McClouth, Chipper driving the ball, McCann being McCann, Prado getting on base, and Dan "The Man" Uggla looks like a scary combination of lefty and righty batters, all with pop, all with on base ability, and all looking healthier than they have looked in a while. I couldn't be more excited.

Sure, the Braves have some questions, but the Phillies better watch out. The East isn't theirs for the taking this season. Let's keep up with our responsibility and fill up the Ted this year. Our boys are back and looking good! Let's Go Bravos!

In honor of my return, here's some Diddy comin atcha'

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Matt Fairchild ( said...

Good to have ya back. I would definitely take the Braves lineup over the Phillies especially with Utley out of it and no Werth but ya gotta take the Phillies pitching staff. The Braves definitely have a chance to win the division.