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Friday, March 25, 2011

Sweet 16 Picks: Day 2

I don't want to brag or anything but did I fucking nail that shit last night or what? 4 and fucking 0 with my picks. It's always nice to hit a 4 team parlay too. Last night I was pretty confident with my picks because I had a good feel for the matchups. Tonight I'm not so positive. I'm not saying these picks suck but don't expect perfection yet again. I'm not going to lie to you like Jim Tressel.

Marquette(+5) vs North Carolina
I don't know what to make of either one of these teams. One day North Carolina looks like a legit National Championship contender then the next day they are struggling by turning over the ball way too many times like a monkey trying to fuck a wet football. Marquette also plays relentless defense so I can see the more talented Tar Heels turning it over 20 plus times tonight. Harrison Barnes has slowly turned himself into a top 5 player in the college game and should put up stud numbers tonight. My gut is telling me to take Marquette with the straight up upset but my brain is saying North Carolina finds a way to win this game with a clutch shot at the end. The ACC always has at least one team in the Final 4 and with FSU being the only other one alive I got to take Roy Williams as the favorite to get there.

Prediction: North Carolina 73 Marquette 71

Ohio State (-6.5) vs Kentucky
I picked Ohio State to win the championship with my bracket and I see little reason to jump off that bandwagon after the first two rounds where they clobbered the opposition. The Buckeyes are playing great team ball and their athleticism is even better than Kentucky. If Kentucky still had Wall and Cousins this would be an epic battle. Unfortunately they don't. I see a blowout.

Prediction: Ohio State 88 Kentucky 72

Kansas vs Richmond (+10.5)
I've won money all year betting on Kansas and for the most part they usually cover their spreads no matter how big. But for some reason 10.5 points seems too big to me. Kansas is obviously the better team. No question. But I can see Richmond giving them a game especially since this will be head coach Chris Mooney's last game before he goes to coach Georgia Tech next season. Oops the cat is out of the bag. Yes, Mooney will be GT's next coach. It will be announced next week. Anywho I'm going on gut here and say it's a game that Kansas controls with the Morris twins down low in the paint but the Spiders fight and crawl their way to a decent finish.

Prediction: Kansas 77 Richmond 70

VCU (+4) vs FSU
The Semenholes vs the team everybody thought shouldn't have gotten in. VCU has been playing with a chip on their shoulder and has straight up dominated big conference powers Georgetown and Purdue to get to the Sweet 16. FSU has also been dominant thanks to the nation's best defense and beat the holy shit out of Notre Dame in the second round. These teams are pretty much evenly matched. At this point I'm thinking VCU is this year's George Mason. They won't make it to the Final 4 because Kansas is too good but they will sneak by FSU tonight. I like them as the dog. A 12 seed getting to the Elite 8 is a hell of an accomplishment.

Prediction: VCU 66 FSU 65

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