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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jason Heyward can now play since it's his bobblehead doll night

From the AJC...

Hello there, and happy Jason Heyward Bobblehead night….which is going to be a pretty good way to punctuate his return from the disabled list.

Update: The Braves announced this afternoon that Heyward had been activated from the disabled list and is in the starting lineup for the first time since May 19. Freeman is out of the lineup as the Braves are going to play it cautious with his strained right oblique. (Lineup: 1. Schafer CF, 2. Uggla 2B, 3. McCann C, 4. Jones 3B, 5. Hinske 1B, 6. Gonzalez SS, 7. Heyward RF, 8. Mather LF, 9. Hudson P.)

Heyward told a person close to him this morning that he’s feeling good and ready to return to the lineup. After two minor league rehab games with Triple-A Gwinnett up in Indianapolis, Heyward traveled back to Atlanta today. Heyward will likely take batting practice before the Braves make a final decision on activating him but he told this person his shoulder is feeling as good as it’s felt in a long time and he’s “ready to get back to the office.”

Heyward might normally have played another game or two for Gwinnett, but the G-Braves are off today and return home for a long homestand.

How magically delicious! So let me get this straight: Heyward has been out of the lineup since May 19th and couldn't take a swing because of his shoulder up until a few days ago and now he has miracously healed and will be in the starting lineup tonight. All the Braves had to do was rub a little Bobblehead doll magic on him and gusto, the big guy is all good. Crazy how that works out.

Chipper calling him out might have been the wake up call Heyward needed. Everybody plays hurt and I think it's now become apparent to Heyward that he needs to stop being a puss and play. Like Chipper said, 80% of Heyward is still a lot better than most guys in the league. While I still have my doubts Heyward will ever be a legit star in the league because of his numerous injuries (I'm thinking he's more of a Cliff Floyd/Jeffrey Hammonds than a Vlad) there is no doubt the Braves are going to need him especially when vying for a playoff spot.

Let's just hope he doesn't suck it up once they get to the playoffs like last year.

And oh yeah, I will be at the game tonight. Heyward owes me a bobblehead at the very least right?

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