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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Michael Floyd Won't Miss Any Games

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According to Brian Hamilton of the Chicago Tribune it has become increasingly clear that All-American wide receiver Michael Floyd won't miss any games in 2011. Can I get a HOORAH ND Nation?

It's increasingly clearer now that Floyd won't miss a game for the Irish this fall.

Not with Irish coach Brian Kelly saying Tuesday he is "very optimistic" about Floyd fulfilling all the requirements that will ensure his return to the field in September. And that means it's more likely than not that the standout receiver suits up for the opener against South Florida.

"He makes one mistake, in terms of how he handles himself, he doesn't play here ever," Kelly said, before a "Football 101" event on the practice fields that benefitted breast cancer awareness and prevention.

"There is no suspension, there is no sit for one game. He's got to live his life the right way. If he does that -- and all the signs point toward he's moving in that direction -- then I expect him to play every game. That's why I've been optimistic."

And Kelly didn't waver when asked for clarification Tuesday: There will be no one- or two-game suspensions stemming from the March arrest. Floyd plays every game, or he plays none.

It can't be understated enough. Losing Floyd for any games would have been crippling for the Fighting Irish. I don't want to say he carries the offense but at times he is the one piece that can keep it moving especially on 3rd downs. Everyone knows Floyd F-ed up when he got caught behind the wheel with too much alcohol in his system. But suspending him wouldn't have accomplished much if anything. Floyd is fulfilling his duties to society for the law he broke. Now it's time to move on. And win football games.

Isn't that right Michael?

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