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Friday, July 08, 2011

Kenny Powers is the New CEO of K Swiss

Kenny Powers is back and is now the new CEO of K Swiss. I'm not going to lie. I used to hate K Swiss shoes. They were fucking awful and when I wore them back in college my feet were literally bleeding from the narrow fit. But all that has changed my friends. Last year K Swiss was nice enough to send me a free pair of the Tubes. No strings attached they just wanted me to have them and give them a shot and see what I thought about them. They mentioned they saw my blog post about them in which I pretty much shit in their shoe and left it at the front step after ringing the doorbell. Well guess what? The new K Swiss Tubes are the fucking shit! In a good way. I've been wearing mine for over 6 months and they still feel comfortable as shit. They don't smell like cat urine like my Nike Shox either. And considering I got 2 titanium rods and 21 screws in my left leg (this is the part where you feel sorry for me and buy SportsCrack shirts) from a freak football injury I'm very particular about how my shoes feel and the support they offer.

In other words go buy some fucking Tubes. Now. And if I'm Kenny Powers and I'm the new CEO I make Matt Munoz the president. The kid knows his shit and knows how to sell a product. And if K Swiss wants to send me some more FREE Tubes that would be excellent. You know where to reach me.

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