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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Joe Paterno is Done at Penn State

The New York Times is reporting that Joe Paterno (who cancelled his press conference today) is out at Penn State and will begun an exit strategy for the once legendary football coach.

Hmm, an exit strategy eh? How about having each one of Jerry Sandusky's victims delivering a swift kick to JoePa's fat fucking nose and face as he leaves his office in disgust. It's basically being nice to a guy who protected a pedophile for so long and continued to let the piece of shit on campus up to last week while covering his ass.

Growing up I always thought of JoePa as a member of the mafia. He just seemed sleazy to me. But even the mafia has morals and they wouldn't let one of their own rape boys without having him 6 feet under a turnpike.

In conclusion: Mafia>JoePa's legacy

1 comment: said...

PATERNO was simply following the PC dogma- Paterno refused to be "HOMOPHOBIC" - after all Sandusky just did what LGBT media push- same sex sodomy

"gays" have already lowered the age of consent in Canada to 12 years old.

Sandusky is a protected "minority" as a "gay" man