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Tuesday, November 08, 2011


The boxing world lost one of the greats yesterday when Philly's own Smokin' Joe Frazier passed away after a short battle with liver cancer at the age of 67. Frazier was a true champion and was one of the few guys who would not back down from Muhammed Ali and in fact beat him in the Fight of the Century. He couldn't ever escape Ali's huge shadow despite going 41 rounds with him and never giving an inch to Ali including their last fight with the "Thrilla in Manila" that went 14 rounds. It's amazing how champions like Frazier who could fight his whole life for everything they got but yet can not beat a disease like cancer. The same with Steve Jobs who had all the money in the world but couldn't beat it. In conclusion cancer sucks. All of it. Hopefully someday it goes down for the count for good.

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Ali's "Gorilla" Joe Frazier Passes Away

Joe Frazier has passed away as a consequence of cancer * Prior to the 1975 "'Thrilla' In Manila" rematch Mohamed Ali constantly referred to Frazier as an "APE" and a "GORILLA" and went so far as to produce a black rubber gorilla toy and punch it at a press conference

Watch the video and hear Ali say "Come on, gorilla," he taunted, as Frazier glowered and the assembled media laughed. "We in Manila..."

WHY has our PC media failed to mention this hurtful and disgusting behavior by their muslim hero??

Muslim Ali calling Joe Frazier a "Gorilla"

*-think of all the lives that could be saved with the money diverted from cancer research to "gay cancer" (AIDS)-