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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Now I know why they call it the World's Largest "Cock"tail Party

Good for UGA finally beating a shitty Florida Gaytors team but what the hell is up with all the dugan aka sausage aka cock swinging around? I've never been to Jacksonville for the game but I've heard nothing but crazy stories and good times and these come from Georgia fans who usually come home with a loss. All I see is a bunch of frat boys barely clothed jerking off on each other. I'm severely disappointed. At least up in Athens you can see plenty of girls. Isn't the whole point of college is to get laid and spread STD's? I felt like I was hanging out in Rehoboth Beach watching this shitfest.

But anyways congrats to Georgia for getting a much needed victory over their rival. Next time guys try to bring some females down with you on the trip. And why did I not see any of these Gaytors shirts in the crowd?

Video via BarstoolSports

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