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Monday, March 26, 2012

Texas Rangers Go Big With $26 Hot Dog

Big League Stew has discovered the back-to-back American League Champions Texas Rangers will be serving a monster size hot dog the length of a baseball bat with a pound of pork and Josh Hamilton fall off the wagon hooker spit included. Ok I will admit the hooker spit is not yet included. Apparently the marketing department frowns on it. I'm not a big hot dog fan (cue the gay jokes) but I've always been an Italian sausage and/or brat type of guy. The best sausage I've ever gotten (again cue the gay jokes) was in Oakland back in the late 80's when the Bash Brothers were sticking needles in their asses. It was called a red hot and holy shit that thing lived up to it's billing. My Dad and I were sweating harder than Doc Gooden in a Manhattan night club stall.

Any ways the Rangers claim this $26 baseball bat of a dog can feed a family of four. Everything apparently is bigger in Texas including the stadium dogs and with toppings including cheese, onions, and peppers I hope the toilets are lot bigger too. I feel a bowel movement stirring in the bullpen just staring at that fucking thing.

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